55" Radiance


The new 55 inch Radiance® G2 display utilizes the latest LED backlight and 120 Hz refresh rate technology. It also features NDSsi's proprietary Color Correction Technology (CCT), which enables the display to conform to the BT-709 HDTV color standard.

  • Latest High-End 55" Surgical Display
  • Industry Leading LED Backlight and 120 Hz Technology
  • Color correction Technology (CCT)
  • Comes Standard with Dual 3G-SDI and Single-Fiber Inputs
  • 3rd Edition and RoHS Compliance




The precise color calibration achieved using CCT ensures consistent color response across the entire family of Radiance® G2 displays. Surgeons can now have the clinical confidense that the endoscopic image they view in different rooms and on different size displays are exactly the same.

The 55 inch Radiance® G2 comes standard with two 3G-SDU inputs and an embedded single-fiber input. Plus it is compliant with both the 3rd Edition medical safety standard and RoHS requirements, making it a future-proof investment.

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