About Cadential

We are "Life-Restorators".

Cadential Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a company focused on the medical devices and consumables space, is based in Bangalore, India. Started by a team of techno-entrepreneurs who have had years of practical experience in the design, manufacturing and marketing of products, we are implementing a roadmap to become a leading player in the Indian healthcare market in a short time.

Our marketing and sales team has set-up a pan-India marketing and distribution network, to market and distribute products of the world's leading health-care companies. In addition, our engineering team is working on designing and manufacturing innovative medical devices in technical collaboration with leaders in the industry to cater to niche areas of the health-care industry.

Our aim is to make use of our knowledge, experience and networks spread through the length and breadth of India to market the products in our portfolio in-order to gain market share for our partners and also build a successful brand for ourselves.


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